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(2021-Current): M.S. Program in Data Science for Digital Business Transformation Studying at Thammasat University (via Skillane Tuxsa online)
(2012-2015): M.S. Program in Information Technology Management
King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang
(2002-2005): B.S. Program in Computer Science 
Udonthani Rajabhat University

Data Visualization with Microsoft Power BI, DAX, Tableau
Data Warehouse or Data Platform Microsoft Azure SQLDW, SQL Server, Oracle11g/10g/9i, My SQL
BI Tools and Automation Tools Microsoft Analysis Service (OLAP), Integration Service (SSIS), Reporting Service, Data Mining, DAX, MDX, XMLA, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Microsoft Power Automated
Solutions Architecture design for business or product requirements within enterprise which could be for in-house development, external development, integration with partners, and vendor’s implementation with UML Tools(Visual Paradigm for design software engineer) and Jira Software.
Project Management to lead the system development team and project planning, identify and manage project dependencies and critical path. To analyze the system for project evaluation, software effort estimation and monitoring control with Jira Software, MS-Project.
Programing Languages SQL Languages, C#.NET, VB.NET, PL-SQL, T-SQL, DAX, MDX, XML, MS Access, RDBMS, Entity Framework, HTML5/HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python
Utilities Control Version SVN, Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Photoshop, Video Editing
Other Worked in agile process software development life cycle (SDLC), DevOps, DataOps

Assistant Director Business Intelligence and Automation
Ananda Development (Oct 2018 – Current)
Data Visualization design and develop to improve visibility and to drive business performance.

  • Design and develop Sales performance dashboard/report with Microsoft power BI such as Transfer scoreboard, Presale scoreboard, Campaign dashboard to drive the business faster and smarter (mobility).
  • Design Thinking and empathy to collaborate with operation team develop dashboard sales to transfer revenue journey drive to achieve target.
  • Design and develop dashboard Sales journey, Sales ranking and Sales effectiveness to drive sales amount.
  • Design Thinking and empathy with finance partner to design and develop Contribution profit dashboard for BU monitoring cost and control to management portfolio efficiency.
  • Design Thinking and empathy with finance partner develop Budget and planning dashboard to improve visibility for executive management decision and planning.
  • Develop more finance dashboard such as Treasury early warning sign, Cash Management, Loan Drawdown and Presales Condition.
  • Develop more non-finance dashboard such as Construction progress dashboard, Project value, Backlog Management, Aomsin Cost reduce management, Performance KPI on Mobile.

Business Intelligence Tools development for business analyte self-service from data cube to make tactical from insight and strategic business decisions.

  • Build a core financial information data platform and business intelligence to simplify BAU operation, leverage insight-driven analytic tools, and transform finance to new digital finance by project Finance 2.0 Digital Finance Transformation.
  • Build finance intelligence tools with Microsoft tabular analysis to calculate financial model and performance management to support finance users and business frontlines such as Finance data cube, Accounting Consolidate data cube, Sales Performance data cube, Management accounting data cube.

Automation Tools to automate business manual process to improve manual data and report preparation.

  • Requirement gathering and develop robotics accounting (RPA) to automated financial statement operation reports and consolidate to reduce operation routine 400% (4 day to 4 hour) and minimize human error.
  • Requirement gathering and development automation report contribution margin by engine to drive gross sales, revenue, gross profit, cost (SG&A spending, marketing cost) and contribution profit.
  • Requirement gathering and development automation report inter-company Elimination automation and reduce manual operations.
  • Requirement gathering and development Financial Model automation and reduce manual operations.

Project management and Agile process management

  • Work with Jira software to project management and product creative innovation.

Senior Financial Information Analytics
Siam Commercial Bank (June 2013 – Sep 2018)
Financial Information Analytics

  • Data visualization to design thinking and development Executive dashboard, Strategic initiative dashboard, Performance dashboard, Banking product dashboard, Expense tracking dashboard and bank balance scorecard with Microsoft power BI
  • Design and planning Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Migration Database
  • Develop application platform inventory management product BCM package and Trade package.
  • Development software SCB expense automation reports.
  • Provide automated standard reports daily, weekly, monthly and Ad-hoc reports.
  • MIS Team to provide automation report to analyte users and business unit users.
  • Provide document support for MIS team and business analyst.
  • Responsibility for query management, enhancement and service issues.

 Business Intelligence and Platform

  • Design the architecture of overall data warehouse and implement system compounding with platform, integration, data model, data mapping and data management process framework delivering to business efficiency and aligning with business requirement and direction.
  • Design and implement business information solutions by reporting, dashboard with fusion charts.
  • Provide data analytics with Business Intelligence tools (OLAP) such as Loan data cube, BCM data cube, Leading indicator Calculation, Individual analysis data cube, Supply chain program, Expense allocation data cube, Customer segment calculation and Performance details data cube for sales and analysis user use interactive reports.
  • Design and implement ETL automation transform data customer, budget, NII, Non-NII, banking product, business cash management, deposit, leading indicator and product holding and non-finance data to platform.

Senior Data Warehouse Analyst
Kiatnakin Bank (Aug 2011 – Mar 2013)

  • Development asp.net web application class data access connects with Entity Framework Corporate Loan System for Kiatnakin bank
  • Responsible for the Oracle 10 g database conversion by utilizing SQL Server 2008 Integration Services.
  • Design and Develop ETL Package/Script with SQL Server 2008 Integration Services from old system oracle database 10g to oracle 10 g database production and used PL-SQL scripting for maintenance.
  • Migration Data Customer, Loan, Hire-purchase, validate data and reconcile compare with GL finance
  • Development application with C#.Net and PL-SQL Store procedure compare data between Oracle 10g database
  • Create documentation specification and Transferred Document
  • Responsible for the testing

Senior Programmer Analyst
Advance Info Service (AIS) (Nov 2006 – Aug 2011)
Design and Development Data Warehouse and OLAP Technology.

  • Build data model and develop web application service subscription system web report with Microsoft technology.
  • Build data model and develop hotel california web report.
  • Build data model and develop FDA system web application report.
  • Build data model and develop Anti-spam web report system web application report.
  • UBGW Storage Expansion System and migration data.
  • Project VM-Ware Lab amoeba project system (Virtual Hardware solution).
  • UBGW Expansion New Server (Expansion Hardware).
  • System analyst, Database Design and OLAP Solution Design
  • Web Application, Web services with ASP.NET, C#.Net, MS SQL Server (2005,2008), Analysis Service (2005,2008), Integration Service (2005,2008), Oracle 10g, PL-SQL, MySQL
  • Create Database programming SQL Script, PL-SQL, MDX, XMLA
  • Support Database maintenance, Performance tuning and system

Design and Development Web Service and Web Application Project

  • Development web service smart mobile paging project with c#.net.
  • Development web service Bizlive project with c#.net programming.
  • Development web service provisioning subscriber system with c#.net.
  • Development web service change mobile number system with c#.net.
  • Development web service IMEI tracking system with c#.net.
  • Development web service VoIP V.1 – provisioning subscriber profile with c#.net.
  • Development web service VoIP V.2 – provisioning SIP Identity and Quota system with c#.net.
  • Development web service Mobile number port (MNP) system with c#.net.
  • Development web service SMS A2P Filtering system with c#.net.
  • Development web service Bizlive Prepaid Project V 2 system with c#.net.
  • Development web service IMEI Centralize system with c#.net.
  • Development web application OLAP processing management for operation with ASP.Net.
  • Development web application UOSS System Web Configuration Portal with ASP.Net.

Nextwaver.Net Co., Ltd. (Feb 2006 – Nov 2006)

  • Working in programmer position and system analyst and database design.
  • Design and Coded system Robinson data warehouse (OLAP)
  • Design and Coded System Assessment System with (OLAP)
  • Web Application, Web services with ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, Database programming MS SQL 2000, 2005, My – SQL
  • Work training and Worked with Nextwaver.Net Co., Ltd. in Programmer (C#.net Data warehouse, xml, sql2000server, Microsoft Analysis service 2000(OLAP))
  • Coded project Philip Stock Market
  • Coded project Investment Survey Bank of Thailand.
  • Coded project log monitor network link present by Google earth (Vender consult to TOT Company).

Freelance Project

  • Amorn Group Performance with Business Intelligence and Platform
  • ProjectOnline CRM system (SCG)
  • WEB E-Marketing System for SCG Sourcing Project
  • Module Development is E-Catalog, E-Auction, E-Trading, E-Clearance, E-Answer, E-Planogram, E-Magazine, E-Mining and Sourcing Reward
  • SystemsCreate URD Document Design and Planning
  • Design System and Plan worked task for programmer
  • Development Website with Microsoft Visual Studio.Net 2010 C# ASP.NET and MS SQL Server 2008 R2 Database
  • Control UAT Test software before launch to production
  • Setup Use SVN Control Version Manage Source Code

    Professional Trainer
  • Data Visualization with Power BI Training Course
  • Google application for Business, 2nd-4th February 2015 Rajamangala
  • University of Technology Tawan-ok
  • Microsoft Analysis Service or Tabular (OLAP) Training course


  • Corporate Data Science Certificate (Synapes)
  • Implementing and Maintaining Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (ERT)
  • Tuning and Optimizing Queries Using SQL Server (Analyst Development Company)
  • Practical SQL Server 2008 for the Oracle DBA (BAL)
  • MCAD C# .NET Certification Boot Camp (SIPA)
  • Programming Microsoft SQL 2000 Database (Bangkok Advance Learning – BAL)
  • Programming with Microsoft ADO.NET (BAL)
  • Implementing a Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Database (BAL)
  • Designing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Server-Side Solutions (BAL)
  • Designing Microsoft® SQL Server™ 2005 Databases (BAL)
  • Developing Microsoft .NET Applications for Windows (ASP.NET) (BAL)
  • Querying Microsoft SQL Server with Transact-SQL (BAL)
  • Developing Microsoft.NET Applications for Windows (Visual Basic .NET) (BAL)
  • Designing and Implementing OLAP Solution Architecture. (BAL)
  • Programming with PL-SQL and oracle 9i (BAL)
  • Programming with java beginner (BAL)


  • Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning
  • Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Platform Solution
  • Graphic design and Video Presentation
  • Mobile Application platform
  • Big Data, No SQL and Open Source
  • Data virtualization
  • Financial and Stock Investment
  • Amulet


  • Dec 2020 at Ananda: Finnovation Blue Friday
  • Apr 2014 at SCB: Social Fee Intelligence(SCB Innovation Contest season 2)
  • Feb 2011 at AIS: Bomb Network Finder (Telecommunications Research and Industrial Development Institute)
  • Sep 2005 at Udonthani Rajabhat University: Designing and coded system at Project Management with Pert CPM and Outsource Management system with C#, ASP.Net
  • Oct 2005 at Udonthani Rajabhat University:  Programming attended of National Software Contest 2006 (NSC) 8th (NECTEC) with Automatically Program for Control and Monitoring Computer (Developed VB6).